Blog - UHKF Staff Lottery Funds Life-saving Equipment

Providence Care’s Providence Transitional Care Centre’s (PTCC) specialized inpatient services’ aim is to strengthen the bodies and minds of patients through an activation program. This helps patients in the healthcare system transition back to their daily life in the community.

Thanks to funds raised from the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation staff lottery, the PTCC recently purchased a new MedUp V2 Cycle Trainer. This essential device provides arm and leg workouts to help patients living with a variety of physical and cognitive limitations.

“We are thrilled to get the funding for another cycle trainer,” says Marie-Jo Cleghorn, Program Manager. “The trainer has been so successful and gives our patients so much pleasure. The decision to purchase another one was actually based on patient feedback. They said it was their preferred mechanism for building strength and endurance, while participating in a fun activity. That’s why this grant from the staff lottery is so appreciated. It means we can offer the same phenomenal resource to many more patients.”

The cycle trainer offers a variety of benefits to PTCC patients. These include improving strength and mobility, stimulating blood flow, relaxing stiff joints or tight muscles and facilitating motor recovery. But they also include cognitive improvements.

“The physical benefits are amazing,” says Marie-Jo. “One patient tripled the distance she could walk just by warming up on the cycle trainer. Another finds the rhythm of the bike soothing and it helps them fall asleep. But the cycle trainer also helps patients living with cognitive limitations. They might suddenly remember childhood memories or look forward to riding a bike once they are home. These benefits are very tangible to some patients. It has also empowered staff and provides them another meaningful way to engage and activate patients. It’s just fantastic!”

This use of staff lottery funds is yet another reminder that our dedicated healthcare workers are continuously investing in the collective futures of everyone in the community.

“To see that healthcare staff are able to raise funds and put equipment into local healthcare sites, and immediately benefit patients, is just so special,” says Marie-Jo. “It reinforces that staff are truly serving their own community and making a difference in their lives. I think that healthcare staff cannot help but be proud that they’re helping to bless local patients in countless ways.”