Blog - Rider Profile: Alison Vines

The daily bicycle commute through Kingston traffic—20 minutes, each way—doesn’t faze Alison Vines. The Ottawa native, who moved to Kingston seven years ago with her family, says Limestone City traffic can’t compete, danger-wise, with the nation’s capital.

“Between spring and fall I do whatever I need to do on my bike” says Alison, who appreciates the “longer biking season” in Kingston admitting “that’s the best part about” living here.

From her unique vantage point working at the Tim Horton’s in the Kingston Health Sciences Centre’s (KHSC) Cancer Centre, Alison sees patients and their families every day. She is grateful for her own excellent health but her family’s present and future healthcare needs are never far from her mind.

Alison will ride in LifeCycle, fresh from a cross-border cycling trip to Cape Vincent and back (see photo) “to make sure Kingston’s hospitals get the support they need.”

For more information about LifeCYCLE, visit UHKF’s information and registration page. To sponsor Alison Vines and give her fundraising total a boost, visit his rider profile page.