About us

Our Vision
Exceptional health care made possible by fully engaged, generous people and communities.

Our Mission
Inspiring generosity for the health of our families, our region and beyond.

Our Values
In our work together, we will demonstrate that we value:
  • Generosity – a readiness or liberality in giving
  • Excellence – a state of extremely high quality
  • Integrity – a firm adherence to a code of ethical and professional values
  • Collaboration – to working in cooperation with each other to create or achieve the same thing
  • Resourcefulness – the ability to act effectively or imaginatively, especially  in difficult  situations
The University Hospitals Kingston Foundation (UHKF) is the fundraising arm of Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) and Providence Care. From hospital to home to community and beyond, every donation to UHKF helps to grow healthcare facilities, equipment, programs, research and education for people across southeastern Ontario.

Key Milestones for UHKF

In 2002, executives from all of Kingston hospitals identified a need for a major redevelopment plan. The individual hospital foundations agreed to create a joint fundraising program and, in 2005, the joint fundraising entity now known as UHKF was born.


UHKF raises $11 million in gifts and pledges (fiscal 2006-2007). This is the most raised for Kingston’s hospitals in a single year


UHKF’s first campaign--Together We Can, chaired by Ian Wilson—is launched with $52 million in gifts and pledges already secured toward a $70 million goal. Redevelopment priorities include: Cancer Centre; Inpatient Dialysis Unit; ICU; and Ophthalmology.


Together We Can announces $72 million target reached.


The three hospital foundations officially cease operation and a newly-amalgamated UHKF takes on full responsibilities


UHKF’s second campaign--Extraordinary People, Innovative Health Care, chaired by Sue Creasy—is launched with a goal of $65 million. Redevelopment priorities include building the new Providence Care Hospital and the William J. Henderson Centre for Patient-Oriented Research.


Extraordinary People, Innovative Health Care campaign reaches $65 million goal and UHKF surpasses the $1 million mark for gifts received by mail-in donations