Virtual Cheers, To Your Health! Event Kicks Off in Support of Kingston Health Care.

Virtual Cheers, To Your Health! Event Kicks Off in Support of Kingston Health Care. Image

Virtual Cheers, To Your Health! is a region-wide fundraiser to help support Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) and Providence Care organized by the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation (UHKF).

Each event is completely customizable. Over the next few months, each Virtual Cheers, To Your Health! host will select their date (any date and any time), plan their event and invite guests. Hosts and event guests are encouraged to make a donation to UHKF to raise money in support of KHSC and Providence Care.

“The Virtual Cheers, To Your Health! online event is a great opportunity for community members to get involved in supporting health care in Kingston,” says Dr. David Pichora, President and CEO, Kingston Health Sciences Centre. “We hope to see many of these events taking place across the city, and we are so thankful for every dollar donated during this very challenging time. Thank you, Kingston, for your generous support.” 

This one-of-a-kind event is flexible, fun and tailored specifically to your interests. You decide what a virtual party means to you.

“It could be virtual dinner party, games night, happy hour, dessert and drink or just a group of friends enjoying the company of each other online,” says Lori Faggiani, Director of Annual Programs, UHKF. “Visit our website at to find instructions and information on how you can become a host for Virtual Cheers to your Health!.”  

“We are truly fortunate to live in such a generous community that understands the value of exceptional healthcare. Our hope is the Virtual Cheers, To Your Health! online event not only rallies the community to get behind healthcare in Kingston, but also brings community members closer together in the process,” says Cathy Szabo, President and CEO, Providence Care. “Your incredible generosity and the contributions you make directly impacts the lives of the people we serve. Our entire organization is so grateful for your gifts because we wouldn’t be able to do what we do, without community support. Thank you to all of our donors and volunteers.”

UHKF welcomes everyone to participate in this all-ages event. Please join in with your friends and family, and support health care in Kingston. Visit for more information.