Kingstonians Help Grow Health Care

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Dear Donors,

I hope that you were able to enjoy some of the beautiful weather over the long weekend. 

One person in KFL&A tested positive for COVID-19 over the weekend.  This is the first case in two weeks in our region and a reminder of the importance of continuing to maintain our physical distancing.

We have been so fortunate in this community. We see every day the generosity that lives here in Kingston. I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has stepped up during this crisis. Whether it was donations made directly to UHKF, donations of PPE and other supplies, participating in Sprinkle Some Joy draws for hospital employees, media support for our events and nurses week or by some other means, THANK YOU!

You may have heard about the Frontline Fund, which was created to raise urgently needed funds in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. UHKF is one of more than 150 participating hospital foundations from coast to coast. The latest campaign for this fund is the Rogers Hearts and Smiles campaign. T-Shirts and Masks that Rogers has created are being sold to support the Frontline Fund. Rogers is supporting the sales through their Shopping Channel platform and promoting it across 56 radio stations, 29 community stations and 23 conventional TV stations and hundreds of social media platforms. After the first day, over 15,000 Canadians had already participated, raising $700,000. This program will continue over the next two weeks. If you are interested you can find more information at

To all of you who have made donations directly to UHKF we thank you! Every time you donate through UHKF, you make an investment in the health of our community, the impact of these investments is helping to ensure we continue to have world class care right close to home.

Health care needs continue to change rapidly. Community members continue to reach out asking what they can do to help. At this time, KHSC and Providence Care are asking those that wish to help to direct their support to:
  1. Donations to Areas of Greatest Priority – both KHSC and Providence Care have constant need for equipment to provide care to our patients, clients and residents.
  2. Comfort funds – supports for patients, clients and residents to assist with distraction, maintaining connections with family electronically and other comforts; and funds to allow us to recognize the staff for their diligent and dedicated work during this time of pandemic outbreak – including but not limited to providing lunches/snacks/coffee.

Donations may be made here. Thank you for all your continued support as we navigate through this together.


Tom Zsolnay
President and CEO
University Hospitals Kingston Foundation