Why YOU should join WE WALK!

WE WALK is September 29! All funds will support the Comfort and Care Fund. Why should you join WE WALK?
  1. Because it feels good knowing you can make a difference.
  2. It’s a great opportunity to connect with your coworkers and learn something new about them.
  3. You will bring hope to families who are experiencing financial hardship arising from non-medical costs of care.
  4. Your supporting the comfort and care of our patients, clients and residents at KHSC and Providence Care.
  5. There is a FREE pancake breakfast – need we say more?
  6. You can wind down with your family, after a busy September, in a fun, easy walk.
  7. You can enjoy a scenic walk by Lake Ontario while enjoying some fresh, fall air.
  8. You will help build a stronger community.
  9. It’s an easy way to give back.
  10. You can get competitive with friends, family and your coworkers in various activities along the walk!

Sign up for WE WALK here: https://bit.ly/2Mt7zjX


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