Provincial Support for Phase 2

On October 27, our community received an early holiday gift. The Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, Dr. Eric Hoskins, announced the Ministry’s support for the “Phase 2” Redevelopment project at the Kingston General Hospital site at Kingston Health Sciences Centre.

This massive redevelopment project includes an eight-story tower that will house new operating suites, Emergency Department, neonatal care, clinical labs and labour and delivery suites. The modernization of these clinical facilities will help our centre offer new care options, better designed and equipped care spaces, and new ways to ensure that the flow of patients through our clinical programs is as efficient as possible.

While the Ministry has signaled its financial commitment to the project, there are still many checkpoints we must get through before construction can begin. One crucial step is that our Foundation and hospital must find a way to fund the project’s “local share,” which is typically ten per cent of construction costs and 100 per cent of equipment costs. That means the portion of the local share that we are expected to fund through donations is nearly $50 million!

“Phase 2” is the second wave of construction in a five-step plan over the next 40 years. Phase 2 is expected to be open and functional by 2026. This means that the gifts you make today will help ensure you have the facilities and care options you need and will ensure the best care for your children and for generations to come.


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