Providence Care Staff Get Education Boost

Thanks to a generous donation to the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation by Mr. Hans W. Blaser, a new education endowment will be established at Providence Care for current and future occupational and physiotherapy staff. This fund is aimed at promoting interdisciplinary collaboration. It will be used to support practical and clinical continuing education for Providence Care staff working in the fields of physiotherapy and/or occupational therapy.

“My career as a physiotherapist in the city allowed me to be a part of the rehabilitation of many patients. I understand the value of therapists in the rehabilitation process and giving them an opportunity to keep these skills at their best is a wonderful way for me to give back to our community and continue to help future patients.”
— Mr. Hans Blaser

The Hans W. Blaser Education Endowment will be awarded each year to a worthy applicant to assist them in advancing their education and training in rehabilitative therapy. Continued professional education is vital to providing excellent care to patients, clients and residents at Providence Care. Providence Care will benefit from this fund as southeastern Ontario’s leading care provider of aging, mental-health and rehabilitative care. At the Providence Care Hospital site, Providence Care employs more than 25 physiotherapists and 40 occupational therapists who help those in need of rehabilitation from strokes, accidents, disease and more.

Mr. Blaser was one of the first male physiotherapists in Canada and he has a long history with one of Providence Care’s legacy sites, St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital. He was a physiotherapist with the hospital for more than 31 years. Mr. Blaser headed the Physiotherapy Department for many years and he was influential in the rehabilitation centre redesign. Mr. Blaser also introduced the idea of a hydrotherapy pool at the St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital site and this therapy continues to be used regularly as part of the patient rehabilitation process at Providence Care Hospital.

“Mr. Blaser’s establishment of an endowment fund for current and future staff education is greatly appreciated. It is a fine example of a professional continuing their legacy of caring and support for people in our care.”
— Cathy Szabo, President and CEO, Providence Care

“Mr. Blaser’s gift is a truly inspiring example of a long time employee choosing to invest in the skills and expertise of the next generation of caregivers. We’re grateful for his generous gift.”
— Denise Cumming, President and CEO, University Hospitals Kingston Foundation

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