Lions Club of Kingston Donation Benefiting Mothers and Babies

Mothers, babies and families now have better access to water immersion and water-birth when giving birth at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC)’s Kingston General Hospital (KGH) site. Last year’s generous donation of $110,000 by the Lions Club of Kingston, through the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation, was used to install two tubs that will be available to expectant mothers in the Labour and Delivery unit at the KGH site which are now available to expectant mothers.

“The tubs bring us to the standard of care as Water Immersion during labour has been shown to decrease the request for pain medication and epidurals which increases a woman’s opportunities to have focussed care during her labour. KHSC thanks the Lion’s Club for their generous donation to support our patients and families.”
Dr. Graeme Smith, Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Kingston Health Sciences Centre’s Kingston General Hospital

Previously, expectant mothers used inflatable, temporary tubs which took about an hour to set-up.  Occasionally, labour progresses quicker than expected, and tub set-up was not able to be completed in time to accommodate the birthing process. With the new tubs, immersion labour and delivery will be a readily available option.

The majority of women, whose babies are delivered by obstetricians or family practitioners, were not able to access the benefits of water immersion for pain relief during labour, as this option was only available to birthing mothers being cared for by midwives.   With the new tubs, water births will be available to labouring women who are being cared for by midwives, family practitioners and midwives with credentials to practice at the KGH site.

“For over 80 years the Lions Club of Kingston has been raising funds and supporting projects in our community. We are pleased to have the opportunity to purchase these water-birth suites at KHSC’s KGH site. We hope that mothers, babies, and families will benefit from them for many years to come.”
—-Eldon Polk, President, Lions Club of Kingston

The Lions Club of Kingston has been a long-time supporter of the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation and health care in Kingston. In 2015, the club donated $100,000 towards the purchase of a second MRI machine at the KGH site.

“The Kingston Lions Club is a great supporter of many aspects of community life.  We’re thrilled to have them funding this new and better care option for birthing moms from our region”
–Denise Cumming, President and CEO, University Hospitals Kingston Foundation

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