Avid cyclist and long-time healthcare volunteer Barbara Yates says LifeCYCLE is a “road biker’s delight.” With Wolfe Island’s paved roads and a community of Islanders who cheer riders on and keep traffic calm and “respectful” Barbara hopes more and more people will feel motivated to take part in the University Hospital Kingston Foundation’s (UHKF) annual event.

On the cycling spectrum between recreational and expert Barbara says she is somewhere in between. This is her 2nd year riding in LifeCYLE and she has registered for the longest of the three distances: 102 km.

It’s at the “high end” she admits, although her regular Saturday round trip rides with a cycling group between Kingston and Gananoque—with an indie coffee house rest stop in between—will go a long way to preparing her to go the distance.

“I like to do these cycling events” says Barbara, “it’s a great way to do two things at once: get some exercise and support a worthwhile endeavour in the community.” A one-time Board Member of Providence Care Foundation and UHKF Barbara believes in the overarching “mission and goals” and thinks “it’s wonderful that Kingston Health Sciences Centre and Providence Care are coming together” for this event.

For more information about LifeCYCLE, visit UHKF’s information and registration page. To sponsor Barbara Yates and give her fundraising total a boost on ride day, visit his rider profile page.

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