Dr. Samuel S. Robinson Charitable Foundation Leadership Gift Supports New Long-Term Care Home in Our Region

Today’s announcement of an extraordinary gift is another step toward building Providence Care’s new long-term care home. The University Hospitals Kingston Foundation and Providence Care are grateful to the Dr. Samuel S. Robinson Charitable Foundation for their gift of $150,000 in support of the new home for Providence Care’s Providence Manor. This gift brings their total donations to Kingston Health Sciences Centre and Providence Care to more than $1.3 million.

“The Dr. Samuel S. Robinson Charitable Foundation is proud to once again support a project that ensures we have the best health care and facilities in our region,” says Michael Robinson, Trustee, Dr. Samuel S. Robinson Charitable Foundation. “This home will be designed to meet the health needs and wellbeing of its residents, their loved ones and the health care staff for many years to come.”

Planning is well underway to relocate Providence Care’s long-term care home, Providence Manor, to the new Providence Village. The new home will be developed on the park-like, historical Heathfield site owned by the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul. Providence Village will be a community within a community, offering health services, supportive housing, recreation and social services to Village residents, but linked to and benefiting the broader community.

Providence Care is excited to be a part of the new Providence Village – a new development that honors the legacy of the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul as a continuation of their Mission to care for the vulnerable.  Providence Village will be a community hub bringing together a long-term care facility (Providence Manor), a residential hospice, community health and wellness services, and affordable housing.  After pending government approvals and necessary planning work, the work to redevelop Providence Care’s Providence Manor is expected to take place over the next two to six years and will result in a long-term care home that will serve the needs of our community well into the future.

“We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Dr. Samuel S. Robinson Charitable Foundation for their generous donation to support the redevelopment of our long-term care home. Their commitment to this project helps us to continue to live our Mission and build on the legacy and work of the Sisters. Their donation of $150,000 will directly benefit prospective residents and their families by helping to create a home that will enhance their lives and enable them to live the life they choose,” says Brian Devlin, Board Chair, Providence Care.

Over the past ten years, long-term care residents have become frailer with increasingly complex health needs. In our region, we continue to see a growing demand for long-term care beds. Today, more than 86 per cent of Providence Care’s Providence Manor residents have some form of dementia or cognitive impairment. A new home will provide residents with better space in a living environment designed to meet their needs that will be more efficient and incorporate sustainable design. Recently, the provincial government announced support to increase the beds from the current 243 to 320 beds at the new Providence Care’s Providence Manor home.

“The Dr. Samuel S. Robinson Charitable Foundation and its’ trustees continue to give exceptional gifts that benefit health care in our region. We thank them for their continued leadership and commitment to our community,” says Susan Creasy, Campaign Chair, University Hospitals Kingston Foundation.

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