The Centre for Patient-Oriented Research at KGH

Medical research discoveries have changed health care outcomes around the world. A better understanding of disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment comes from the tireless work of doctors who carry out medical research studies from the laboratory bench through to the hospital bedside.

That’s why Kingston General Hospital’s (KGH) strategic plan recognizes the need to embrace our research successes and build on the areas of research that will further improve the quality of patient care. KGH has allocated space to build a Centre for Patient-Oriented Research, a central, core facility that will enable a much greater range of research to happen right here in Kingston.

Research is making a difference, right here in Kingston:

What does patient-oriented research mean for area residents?

For Anne, it means getting her life back:

For Ed, it means having access to better treatments and better outcomes:

The plan is to build a centre that will serve our research needs for years to come. Located on Connell 4, the Centre for Patient-Oriented Research will include:

  • Six modular research labs to be used by multiple research teams
  • Facilities to accommodate patient observation for overnight studies and clinical trials
  • Patient-friendly waiting and reception areas
  • A biohazard Level 2 tissue preparation area
  • A blood and tissue collection room
  • Office space and conference room for researchers and staff
  • Private areas for conducting informed consent process, questionnaires, surveys and exams.

These additions to Kingston General Hospital will create approximately 9000 sq.ft. of new clinical research space, increasing existing research facilities by almost 25 per cent and are essential for KGH to achieve its goal of being one of Canada’s leaders in patient-oriented research.

We caught up with Dr. Roger Deeley, Vice President of Health Sciences Research at KGH at the June 2, 2013 UHKF Women’s Giving Circle event where the group announced its first-ever grants. Here’s what Dr. Deeley had to say about the importance of community support for research:

We need your help to make this a reality

Support patient-oriented research and make a difference today.
Your gift toward creation of the Centre for Patient-Oriented Research will allow patient-oriented research at Kingston General Hospital to take a giant leap forward.
Ways you can make a difference today:

  • Contact the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation at 613.549.5452 or toll-free in southeastern Ontario at 1-866-549-5452
  • Donate online
  • Give in person or via mail at: 55 Rideau Street, Ste 4, Kingston, ON K7K 2Z8

On December 11, 2013, the William James Henderson Foundation pledged $1 million over 4 years to help build the Centre for Patient-Oriented Research. In recognition of this generous gift, the centre will be named the “W.J. Henderson Centre for Patient-Oriented Research.” Read more…

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