Comfort and Joy!

If you or someone you love has ever spent time in the hospital over the holidays, you know how stressful the experience can be. You’re hoping and wishing that you or your loved one will get better. And even though you’re surrounded by lots of other people, it can be incredibly lonely.

You can take action today to brighten up the hospital this holiday season! You can provide crucial support to patients and families in our hospitals, ensuring they have the best care, close to home.

This season, we invite you to help share comfort and joy by making a gift in to the Kingston hospitals. Your gift will be put to work right away to help support the purchase of new equipment on our wish list and to help us redevelop vital areas such as operating suites and the emergency department.

You can also send in your special message of hope for patients in hospital over the holidays! Tweet, reach out to us on Facebook or send us an email.  We’ll add your message to our Giving Tree to help share comfort and joy this season. #comfortandjoyUHKF

I Want to Share Comfort and Joy!