How Our Community Can Support Our Hospitals During COVID-19

How Our Community Can Support Our Hospitals During COVID-19 Image

COVID-19 has brought changes to our lives that we could have never anticipated. Many thoughtful community members have reached out asking what they can do to help.

At this time, Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) and Providence Care are asking those that wish to help to direct their support to: 
  1. Donations to Areas of Greatest Priority – both KHSC and Providence Care have constant need for equipment to provide care to our patients, clients and residents
  2. Comfort funds – supports for patients, clients and residents to assist with distraction, maintaining connections with family electronically and other comforts; and funds to allow us to recognize the physicians and staff for their diligent and dedicated work during this time of pandemic outbreak – including but not limited to providing lunches/snacks/coffee. 
While we appreciate offers to bring in meals or coffee for staff teams, we cannot easily accommodate these kind gestures because of limits on access to our buildings, requirements for screening and other logistical and safety concerns.
Donations may be made here.
KHSC and Providence Care have measures in place to ensure that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including N-95 masks, is available to physicians and staff where and when they need it. No one can be sure of what the spread of the virus will look like. The hospitals are therefore asking members of the community to donate surplus supplies, in case there is a spike in infections.
Donations of supplies such as: masks (N95, surgical, or procedural masks); disposable gloves; medical or surgical gowns; Tyvek suits; face shields, visors and safety goggles; alcohol-based hand sanitizer; hand soap (unscented); and cleaning supplies. The hospitals are not accepting handmade items with the exception of masks made for patients.
If you have items to donate please contact Maryanne Takala at Please do not drop supplies off at the hospital as access is currently restricted only to those who need care.
Donations that cannot be used by the hospital will be shared among other community services.

Thank you for all your support as we navigate through this together!