Upcoming Event - Share Your Smile Button Fundraiser

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The University Hospitals Kingston Foundation (UHKF) wants you to show your smile and friendly face behind your mask!

UHKF has launched the Share Your Smile button fundraising campaign to help you connect with your colleagues and customers in a new way.

Any storefront, restaurant, bank, school, or office that requires masks can use the buttons to help employees better connect with customers. 

By supporting the Share Your Smile fundraiser, you’ll be giving back to Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) and Providence Care, and show the community your support of health care in Kingston.

We're all used to that personal connection we have with the people we serve and interact with, our smiles are a big part of that. Show your customers those smiles they miss so much through UHKF's Show Your Smile campaign. 

Proceeds will support KHSC and Providence Care. 

Event Details

  • 31 July, 2021

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