10 reasons to join Life Cycle

We are excited to launch our first-ever cycling event this fall in support of redevelopment at the Kingston hospitals. Participants will choose between a 46 km or 104 km route on Wolfe Island and the event is open to cyclists of all ages and experience levels. Still need some convincing? Here are 10 reasons why you should sign up for Life Cycle.

10 reasons to join Life Cycle

1. Explore Wolfe Island
Maybe you’ve been to Big Sandy Bay beach or enjoyed dinner and a cold one at the Wolfe Island Grill, but cycling through the countryside while surrounded by waterfront is an excellent way to take in scenic Wolfe Island.

2. Meet other cyclists
Looking to grow your network of buddies with bikes? There will be no shortage of spandex-clad cyclists here, and you may just find yourself a new group of friends who enjoy travelling via pedal power.

3. Try something new
Training for a distance ride can be a great way to get more than the recommended 30 min of exercise per day. And if you’ve never ridden for longer than your daily commute to work and back, trying out a longer route is a great way to challenge yourself physically and mentally.

Lochlan on his bike - Spring 2017

Lochlan is now a happy, healthy and active 7-year old boy.

4. Support kids like Lochlan
Lochlan spent his first three months of life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) fighting to survive. Today his favorite thing to do is play outside. Proceeds from Life Cycle will support the redevelopment of many areas at Kingston Health Sciences Centre including the NICU so that the caregivers there can save more kids like Lochlan.

5. Play your part to help the hospitals
The government funds the essentials of healthcare, but donations fund the extraordinary. You can play your part in ensuring your loved ones have the best care possible!

6. Get that heart pumping! (plus other health benefits)
Aside from an aerobic workout, cycling has been proven to improve mental health and reduce your risk of cancer. And, since it isn’t weight bearing, it’s a low impact alternative to long-distance running. Learn more about the benefits of cycling here.


7. Three letters… B. B. Q. 
You’re going to be famished – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Join us at the finish line for a delicious BBQ.

8. Fresh air and exercise
Breathe in the crisp Lake Ontario breeze as you get your legs pumping!

9. Friendly fundraising competition
Life Cycle is a fundraising event, not a race. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be competitive! There will be prizes for the most successful fundraiser – so don’t be afraid to start fundraising and asking your friends and family for support!

10. Change the future of Kingston’s healthcare (and the skyline!)
Our doctors and nurses are delivering 21st century healthcare in 19th century facilities. By joining Life Cycle, you will be changing the future of healthcare in Kingston by raising funds to build a new patient care tower which will be home to new operating rooms, emergency department, NICU, labour and delivery space, and more. Learn more about redevelopment here.

Ready to ride? Register for Life Cycle today!